Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Car Kit

Every kit needs to be adapted to your specific needs. There is no right or wrong kit.

Here is what we use:

1. Flashlight. I have a light that I can wear on my head to make it hands free.

2. Miniature first aid kit: Pepto Bismal, Motrin, tweezers (splinters), band aids, children's Motrin (liquid), feminine supplies

3. Collapsible army shovel

4. Wool blanket and space blanket

5. Jumper cables

6. Two "Beenie baby" stuffed animals (in the event of an emergency we can share these with our children or other children to provide comfort-put in a plastic bag to stay clean, dry and smelling good)

7. Fire extinguisher (ABC)

8. 10x12 cheap plastic tarp (from Wal-mart, used for laying on the ground under the car or kneeling on to change a tire)

9. Granola bars and crackers and 1 gallon of water

10. Tow rope

11. Duct tape

12. Hand warmers

13. Phillips and regular screw drivers, pliers, knife

14. Winter cap, scarf, socks, gloves and rain poncho

15. Umbrella (rainy day)

16. Bungee cords (carry something larger than the trunk, allows me to close trunk)

17. Baby wipes (children always have a need to

18. Clean rag (serious wound, spill in the car, or keeping hands clean)

19. Siphon kit (Harbor Freight-in case I have to siphon gas).

20. Funnel (used to pour fluids into the car without spilling)

21. Leather gloves

22. Small empty gas can

22. Can of Fix-a-flat

23. Ice scraper

24. I also have a breaker bar with socket size already fitted exactly for my lug nuts even though the car comes equipped with a little bar supplied by the manufacturer, the breaker bar is much better.

25. Kitty litter (Used for ice, I don't carry it, but many people swear by it)

26. Member of AAA

This seams like a lot, fills half the trunk and is bad for gas mileage but its nice to be prepared.

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