Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Evacuation Plan

Evacuation - What to Take and When

A. What to take if you have 5 minutes. (Three Items)

  1. Medicine Chest / First Aid Kit
  2. Cell phone
  3. Portable fire safe: (Cash, Maps, Documents, Pictures)
    • Cash $10s, $20s and quarters (This is the emergency money you may need to buy gasoline, food, lodging and chocolate, remember ATMs don't work when you need them, decide how much money you think you may need to save up)
    • Maps of local and state roads
    • Copies of important documents
    • Recent pictures of your family

B. What to take if you have 30 minutes…if cold weather, take portable heater, stove

  1. Take contents from A and Coleman fuel containers
  2. Sleeping bags
  3. Pillows
  4. Children’s pictures
  5. Turn off water
  6. 5 gallon water container
  7. Power supply
  8. Portable heater
  9. Leave note where you are going

C. What to take if you have 1 day

  1. Full gas tanks (priority)
  2. Take A and B
  3. Genealogy
  4. Fire safes
  5. Turn off water, lock doors and windows, turn off major appliances
    (fridge, stove, water heater, computer)
  6. Food, water, clothing, appropriate outer wear
  7. Canvas car carrier

Where we will meet.

Wife’s cell phone *** **** email

Father 24-555-5555 email

Calling card *** *** ****

AAA ############ 800-222-4357

  1. Willard friend 825-5555
  2. Ward House friend 774-5555
  3. South (Salt Lake): friend 466-5555 email
  4. South (Salt Lake): family 466-5555
  5. West (Grantsville): family 435-884-5555 email
  6. North (Logan): family 435-750-5555
  7. North (Ammon, Id) friend 208-523-5555 email
  8. South (Arizona) friend See below

Friends and Family

Friend (car pool) 773-5555(H) 510-5555(C)

Friend (neighbor) 776-5555

Friend 928-555-5555 928-555-5555 email

Mom 872-555-5555 email

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