Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fire Safe

A small, fire and water proof box that costs around $40 at Wal-Mart. We have included some very important things in case we evacuate. It is a great resource in the event a wallet is stolen or someone is incapacitated or passes away to have all the important papers in one place. It an easy target in the event the house is broken into. Exercise wisdom here.

It includes:

  • Hard copy of emergency documents: you don't get access to a printer or computer in the FEMA line when applying for Govt assisstance

  • Accounts and passwords

  • Maps (for evacuation)

  • Cash as well as quarters for phone calls and parking in distant cities.

  • Extra set of keys for each car

  • Recent pictures of the family as well as photos of the cars

  • CD of important documents, a thumb drive works too

  • The outside has a copy of our evacuation plan with important phone numbers.

    I also added my last three years of tax returns, medical records with immunizations and allergies.

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