Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earthquake in Northern California and no power or water for days.  The devastating earthquake in Haiti.  The government is not functioning, the US govt is trying its best with no existing infrastructure and aid agencies are squabbling over who gets what, where.  The common denominator is water, food, medicine, gas/diesel and communication .  And gratefully they live in a warm environment.  The lessons learned for all of us is to be more self-reliant.  I have provided resources that are only suggestions.  Each person, family and community should adapt the principles to their own circumstances and not take these as rules!

The one thing Haitians don't have that we do... is time.  Disaster WILL strike all of us sometime.  It may be unemployment, a change in family circumstances (death, divorce, illness), natural disasters and any number of other events.  Resolve to do something today, don't wait. 

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  1. Yes. May we use our time wisely -- to get prepared. It is amazing the information that is available at