Friday, August 26, 2011

Just some thoughts to help you relax.

Key Point:  Take a pillow and toiletries in an evacuation.  Sleep better with a pillow and feel clean.

Maybe you haven't ever thought about preparing and now you don't have time.  Some quick things you need to get you on your way.
Water bottles, full tank of gas, a place to stay and tell your loved ones how to reach you. Pet food if you need it. Favorite blanket or toy for children. Call now to reserve a room at a hotel if you need to get away. Have a flashlight. Don't listen to rumors. If you are staying home, plan on not having electricity for 9 days. Could be faster, but plan long.

Have toothbrushes, clean underwear and socks and other toiletries as needed.

PILLOW. A disaster can be stressful, but having your usual pillow relaxes you when you can sleep.  Take documents such as Birth, marriage, financial information and passwords.  Don't forget your medicine too. If you are doing ok, perhaps check on your neighbor who is sick or poor or old or widow or a single parent. Take them a meal or cookies or just drop buy to let them know they were thought about. And don't forget to smile. The sun comes up morning. Things are always better in the morning.

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