Monday, September 26, 2011

The First Weekend of October

Key Point:  Small decisions of preparedness bring peace of mind.  Batteries in smoke detectors, flashlights for everyone and having a scraper for ice in your car.

The first weekend of October we change out the batteries in the smoke detectors and test them (by pushing on the button), and buy flashlights (with batteries) for each of the rooms and cars. 

We also fill up the car tires (air) to make sure they are ready for winter.  Simple, economical and safe.


Don't forget to find your ice scraper and put it in the car!

It is recommended to take pictures of your home's contents and store them on a thumb drive, cd, etc, away from the house.  This will help with insurance adjusters if you have to file a claim.  All it costs is your time. 

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