Saturday, November 3, 2012


Key Point:  Store gas and rotate it through your car tank every six months.

How Important Is It To Store Fuel?

We have seen from Hurricane Sandy (Oct 29, 2012) that storing some fuel is important for a generator or car. We have also seen how many people don’t keep their gas tanks topped off before an emergency or travel with less than ½ a tank. I have compiled a list of phrases or headlines from TV and Internet. If you haven’t experienced the feelings of helplessness and frustration from not being able to take care of the most basic of needs such as heat, cooking or the ability to evacuate to safety because there is no gas, then I encourage you to read through the experiences of others and learn from them.

Lines are long and patience is short (frustration)

Tired, hungry, fed up waiting in line for hours to catch a bus.
Waiting in line for 6 hours for gas. Restricted to 10 gallons. Gas rationing.
Long lines for basics. Long lines test patience.

Tensions occasionally flared as people waited for the chance to pump gas into cars or gas cans.
Forced to hoof it. Gas stations lacking power to run pumps
People desperate for gas, power. Hoping to get that power really soon.

Millions still in the dark, cold. Long term power outages.
Patience running thin and tension running high
People are desperate to get resources.


Lines stretching for miles. Long lines. Gas shortage could ease soon.
Tempers are starting to flare. People cutting into line.
Only taking cash. Wanted gas for generators. Wanted gas for cars.

“In order to ration and decrease wait times, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed an executive order Friday tying whether a driver gets gas to his or her license plate number. It goes into effect in 12 counties at noon Saturday.

On days that end in even numbers -- such as November 4, 6 or 8 -- gas station operators can sell gas to only those with license plates with a last digit that is even. On odd-digit days, such as November 3, only those with plate numbers ending in an odd number or those with specialty plates can get gas. In New Jersey, only station attendants can pump gas.”

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