Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stake/Ward Theme Ideas for Emergency Preparedness

I am the Stake Emergency Preparedness Specialist. I went to my church and asked them what they wanted to focus on for each month.  This is an example of what we are doing.  I will teach them (or get someone more exciting) to teach our specialists who will then go back and teach their wards. 

Based off your emails and requests, the calendar lists by month and subject what we will train on. With this information you can either train up your ward on that month's theme or one of your own choosing based on the the Ward/neighborhood's needs or Bishop's request.

In other words, November's training will be on Finances and you will use that for the month of December.

In December we will learn about Lighting and then you can take that back as a theme for training in your wards for January and so on. Hope these examples make sense.

Occasionally we may need to adjust the monthly themes as circumstances change.

The stake is providing a foundation of resources. It is up to you to decide how you wish to adapt the monthly theme and teach your neighbors. Feel free to use as many as you can to reach the widest audience possible.

Ways of communicating the message are:

- Facebook
- Emails
- a training class
- on a website
- bulletin boards
- displays in church
- in the church program
- a one page document handed out on door steps
- an hour in your home to invite your neighbors to see, hear and learn.

Ward Monthly Themes

December-Finances (budgeting, saving accounts, emergency fund, retirement)
January- Light
February- Heat
March- Gardening
April- 3 month supply of food
May- Water storage and preparedness
June- Evacuation, 72 hour kit, meals in a bag
July- Car care
August- Communications
September- Documents, Insurance, home inventory
October- CERT
November- First Aid
December- TBA

Other ideas:

· Physical Fitness
· Resources of the Bishops Storehouse
· Canning

Other ideas that will be done at the same time as the monthly themes.

· Identify case lot, great deals
· Cooking with food storage
· Blood Drive
· CERT training

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