Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Over the last few weeks I have been updating the family list of important information.

-Personal Data on each family member:  social security numbers, birth dates, phone numbers
-Employment contact information
-List of friends
-Life insurance companies, phone numbers, Policy numbers, payment dates and amounts
-W2s and Tax information to include websites and access information
-Banking information
-Credit card information
-Car information to include license plate, VIN, color, Car insurance info and fav mechanic
-Router information
-Emergency information such as light, gas, water, internet, city, car insurance co
-Bills info to include account numbers and phone numbers
-Screen names and passwords to important information
-Medical, dental health insurance information

I didn't go in a lot of detail and you may want to do more or less based upon your circumstance.  Basically, if I wasn't around, would my family have everything they needed.  Same with me, could I pick up with minimal interruption.   

Of course you have to be careful having this all in one spot.  Decide how that best works for you.  It takes a long time to get it all together, but you will use it reference it frequently once it's done.   I pulled off three examples from the internet.  Basically the same thing by three people. 

Have fun! 

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